check configurations

how do ensure that my configuartion file, prodigy.json, is being regstered when i run prodigy? i tried changing the sents_split variable from 200 to 2000 to false, but i didn't see any resulting change. when i set it to some nonesense value then i did get an error, so i believe there must be some detection. please let me know if i can provide you with more information.

Hi! See my comment here for what (I think) could be the solution to your initial problem :slightly_smiling_face:

To answer this specific question: this is a good point. To check the basic Prodigy config, you can run the prodigy.util.get_config() helper, which is also what Prodigy uses under the hood. This will include the global config and the project-specific config if you have any (e.g. a .prodigy.json in your local working directory). You can also enable PRODIGY_LOGGING=basic or PRODIGY_LOGGING=verbose to see more debugging output, including the config that's sent around and used in the web app. (When using the verbose logging, you probably want to forward the output to a file, because it can be very verbose.)