Logging not working

Hi I am trying to use logging functionality but I am getting the error: unrecognized arguments: PRODIGY_LOGGING=basic

I have tried multiple flavors of the following code:

python -m "PRODIGY_LOGGING"="basic" prodigy textcat.teach dataf en_core_web_md data.jsonl -lo JSONL -l label -pt patterns.jsonl

Hi @rishkum!

You should put the variable assignment before the actual command. Something like this:

PRODIGY_LOGGING=basic python -m prodigy ...

Another way is to export the environment variable prior to invoking the command:

export PRODIGY_LOGGING=basic
# then call the command
python -m prodigy ...

To confirm if the environment variable was properly set, you can try echo-ing it:

echo $PRODIGY_LOGGING  # should show 'basic'

Hope it helps!