prodigy ner.teach: error: unrecognized arguments:

Hi, i'm trying to do the ner.teach recipe with a .txt file but always got the following error, does it have to be a jsonl file or there's something wrong with my following command :
prodigy ner.teach train-ta /Users/daniseyy/ ner-wisata test-ta.txt

Hi! The "unrecognized arguments" error is raised by the CLI library we use and typically means that the arguments you've provided on the command line aren't correct. You can always run the command with --help to see what it expects. For example, prodigy ner.teach --help.

In the example you posted, I see two potential problems: First, the argument right after the datasdet name (train-ta) should be a model, e.g. en_core_web_sm or a file path to a model. It looks like you're missing that? Also, there seems to be a space between /Users/daniseyy/ and ner-wisata test-ta.txt, which probably shouldn't be there? If there's a space in the file path, it'll be interpreted as two separate arguments.