prodigy custom-ner: error: unrecognized arguments

usage: prodigy custom-ner [-h] dataset source [loader]
prodigy custom-ner: error: unrecognized arguments: --label B-LOC, O, B-PERS, I-PERS, B-ORG, I-LOC, I-ORG, B-MISC, I-MISC

This is the command I ran:

prodigy custom-ner baha_city ./الباحة0.txt --label "B-LOC, O, B-PERS, I-PERS, B-ORG, I-LOC, I-ORG, B-MISC, I-MISC" -F


Hi @aisha_harbi !

It seems that the custom recipe you've written doesn't define / accept a --label parameter, hence the error. You should update your so that it accepts one. You can check this documentation for more information.

Double-check the decorator you've written. It should accept a label parameter:

    dataset=("The dataset to use", "positional", None, str),
    label=("Comma-separated label(s)", "option", "l", split_string),
    silent=("Don't output anything", "flag", "S", bool)
def custom_recipe(dataset: str, label: List[str], silent: bool = False):
    # Do something here...