How to apply multiple licenses for the team

Hi Ines, Matthew

Thanks for Prodigy, such a great tagging tools. I’m currently shifting my spaCy training working flow to Prodigy through the recipe!! Which really makes the training a beautiful task!

Right now I want to distribute Prodigy with my customerized recipe to my teammates(there are 5 of them), so that we can tagging the data like crazy, so that we can really call it a radical tool! :slight_smile:

But it seems like with the beta version I can only use it on my local computer and can’t build a server from it. I’m wondering can I apply multiple licenses for my team or what should I do next to make this team tagging task happen.


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Hi – thanks for testing Prodigy!

And sure, that’s no problem. Just send us a quick email to let us know who you are, and we’re happy to extend your license, so you can share your copy of Prodigy with your teammates :blush:

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