Error installing Prodigy windows using conda environment


I tried to install Prodigy in my base conda environment, but unfortunately I get errors when I want to start it. I also installed the jupyterlab extension and that looks OK as you can see:


The error I get when running !python -m prodigy stats is:

it is actually the same error as I get when I import spacy or when I want to download the nl_core_news_sm.

I see spacy 3.3 installed along with prodigy 1.11.7. Furtermore I installed from wheel on a windows machine.

Can someone point me in the right direction since I am stuck and eager to start using Prodigy.

Best regards

Hi @RuudG!

Thanks for your question.

  1. Can you create a new conda environment first? I suspect it's more convenient to use your base but it'll be good for debugging to ensure there aren't issues with your base environment.
conda create -n venv
conda activate venv
  1. Prodigy 1.11.7 uses spacy>=3.1.1,<3.3.0. However, you have spacy 3.3.0. This may be some issue. I suspect you previously had spacy 3.3.0 on your base environment. This is another reason to start with a new environment.

  2. How did you install your wheel? It's important to use pip install not conda install as conda install doesn't support installing wheel files directly.

You can install the wheel by following these instructions.

Can you try these steps and let me know if they don't work?

Uninstalling spacy, prodigy first and then creating a new conda env and installing prodigy (via pip using .whl) and spacy 3.2.1 fixed the issue thank you.