Prodigy fails to start

After installing prodigy (with licence) it fails to start, aborting with the following message:

$ prodigy stats

.../opt/anaconda3/envs/prodigy/bin/prodigy: line 2: 31294 Illegal instruction: 4  python -m prodigy "$@"

The venv is running python 3.8.13
How do I solve this?

Hi @bob_schijvenaars!

Thanks for your question. Unfortunately, there could be several issues but here are a few debugging suggestions.

First, can you run:

python -m prodigy stats

You may have done this as your error message has python -m prodigy but your $ prodigy stats doesn't. This is a better way to ensure you're running prodigy on the correct python environment. You may need to try python3 -m prodigy stats too if you're python aliases aren't set up.

Second, it looks like you were using anaconda - did you try to install Prodigy into a new or an existing conda environment?

We suggest a new environment to avoid dependency issues. For example, if you had a new version of spacy installed (e.g., like 3.3.0), currently Prodigy 1.11.7 uses spacy>=3.1.1,<3.3.0. I doubt this is the problem but could be something to try.

Third, as mentioned in that post, how did you install your wheel? Make sure to use pip install as conda install doesn't support installing wheel files.

Fourth (and somewhat related), there are similar issues when mixing conda and pip:

What's important to be aware is your issue could be with spacy, a dependency of Prodigy, so we should check if spacy installed correctly and what version. You can check by running:

python -m spacy info

If you can't even import spacy, then that spacy GitHub FAQ issue may be the culprit or some other issue with spacy. But if you can import spacy, let me know what the output is (e.g., spacy version, OS/platform, etc.).