Details about the Feature of Prodigy

I am exploring the option of installing the Prodigy in the Palantir . As there are few restriction thinking of installing the prodigy on the Python base available. Then use the Jupyter Lap available in palantir to use the jupyterlap prodigy extension to be installed and use for the checking the web interface for annotate and other activities. I want to check if I have to give to other users shall I build a accessible URL and provide to the end user to use and annotate without them noticing the Jupyter notebook ?
For any Try out to mimic to check on the VM in Jupyter possibilty to get trial VM or any similar way.
If there is any solution available in the palantir do point to the documentation or guide me on this.

Thanks for clarifying.

Hi Ganesh,

When we wrote the JupyterLab plugin we really had a single user in mind, as that's how we tend to think of notebook workflows in many cases (of course notebooks are shareable, but we see that as often an "export" after someone has been working in it).

I'm not sure what the restrictions are within running in Palantir's product. If it's feasible my general recommendation would be to try to have fewer intermediate layers. If there's a way to export data from there and then host Prodigy separately, that might be easier for you. That said, it might be possible to simply share the JupyterLab notebook around. It depends on the specific restrictions in the setup.

We'd be happy to setup a trial VM for you, you can email about it.