Prodigy with JupyterLab

Hi everyone.
Is it possible to install Prodigy on a remote server (say AWS), and connect it with my local JupyterLab? I'd like to use the Prodigy's extension, but I wonder if that is only possible if I start the JupyterLab instance on the same machine that Prodigy is installed.

Hi! The JupyterLab extension uses very little magic to run Prodigy itself – that's typically just done as a command in the cell. So that only works if Prodigy is installed in the same environment.

I think the easiest option would be be to set up a remote JupyterLab server. Not sure if this tutorial is up to date, but otherwise, there's probably docs for how to do it in the newest version:

The Proidgy extension lets you specify a custom "url" in the "prodigyConfig" settings (see here), so you could set that to the URL of your remote machine and serve the Prodigy app from there.

(Alternatively, I guess you could also set up a FastAPI endpoint on your remote machine that you can send commands to and that runs prodigy.serve, but that's probably overkill. It also means that in your local JupyterLab, you would then have to send API requests to your remote machine.)