Darken doesn't cover the entire image

I'm loading in images that are 1000px with the 'darken' flag enabled, however, only about 1/2 to 3/4 of the image is actually darkened. I thought maybe the 'width' flag set to 1000pm would help, but it didn't. Has anyone ran across this before?

Interesting. I seem to be able to confirm this issue.

python -m prodigy image.manual kittens images --darken --label noa,sok

I have generated a large image in photoshop to mimic this and I can confirm this dark rectangle in the upper lefthand portion.

Is this what you see as well? If you experience something else, I'd certainly appreciate a screenshot since this may be a bug.

It also seems related to the aspect ratio? Here's the same image but cropped halfway horizontally.

I missed this reply, but yes this is what I am seeing when I attempt to darken image

hi @c00lcoder!

Thanks again for the notification. I logged this bug internally so we can try to fix for a future release.