Customize relations interface


I am working with very long texts in the relation annotation interface and I have a few questions about the customization of the interface.

Color/width of the token border:
Is it possible to change the border color or border width of the token?

Horizontal spacing between tokens:
Is there a possibility to change the horizontal spacing between the tokens?

Font size:
Is there a possibility to change the font size of the text?
I tried the properties "smallText", "mediumText", "largeText" but it doesn't seem to have any effect.

Thanks a lot!

Hi! These are all reasonable things to customise and we don't currently expose settings for all of them – I'll definitely add it to my list of enhancements. Things like border width, base font size and spacing should be easy to expose :slightly_smiling_face:

The token border currently uses the theme colours bgCardTertiary (light) and bgCardQuaternary (dark) that you can override via the custom theme settings:

Thanks a lot for the info and the fast reply!