Change spacing for text in relationship view

Hi, I am trying to set up prodigy such that I can wrap long text with minimal spacing between each line in relationship view. For example:
we can see that it is wrapped but there are huge spaces between each line. How can I make this smaller?

Thank you,


Hi! You can customise the spacing via the relationHeight and relationHeightWrap settings in the custom_theme of your prodigy.json:

Depending on how many relations you're annotating, you probably want to have at least a little bit of spacing to make room for the arrows and so they'r not overlapping the text too much. But you it definitely makes sense to make it narrower if you're not expecting tons of crossing arrows.

Thank you. One last thing related to this. Is there a possibility for us to make the text smaller? I was able to get the wrap height down but can't seem to make the text any smaller.

At the moment, the font-size is the one setting in the relations UI that's hard-coded, because it's used to calculate various positions and sizes. But we're currently working on a new implementation of the UI to make it more performant and I definitely want to add an option to customise the font size as well.