newlines in relations annotation

First of all thank you very much for the all new features :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :heart_eyes:

In our case we try to extract custom relations between entities that can be found in long sections of text.

The text may contain several paragraphs separated by one or several new lines. Currently, when we use rel.manual with the --wrap parameter over the entities that we had already annotate in ner.manual, the information about the layout is lost, this makes it a little bit more complicated to annotate the relationships.

Will be possible to visualize the line breaks in rel.maual similar to how it is done in ner.manual?

Will be also possible to customize the size of the space between lines when we use this interface?

Thank you very much for the great work as always! and very excited to experiment with all the new recipes

Thanks, glad to hear the new features are useful :blush:

Oh, I totally thought it already did that :thinking: Let me look into this, it's definitely something we want and should be easy to add. So I'll put this on my list for the next release.

Yes, there are two theme settings you can adjust: relationHeight (maximum height if line wrapping is disabled) and relationHeightWrap (maximum height with line wrapping). Also see here:

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Thank you! for the quick response, I just tried the attributes relationHeightWrap and relationHeight and both worked good customizing the size of the line spacing.

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