Wrap breaks for long documents

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Unfortunately, it seems like you're getting this error due to the long size of the document, especially for relations:

One option could be to disable tokens (use --disable-patterns) you're not interested in, for example see the docs.

However, I suspect your document is still way too long.

I would love at least a work around to have line breaks in our interface, as we have line breaks in our documents, and they are significant for our purposes. I have seen newlines in relations annotation and it doesn't specifically help given that wrap breaks on us ! Is there any way to break lines on newline tokens ?

Why don't you write a pre-processing script for this?

For example, this Stack Overflow shows how to break up by new line characters this before using spaCy. You could combine this with this example:

So now your source (input) file would be text broken up by the new line character, so you can still use the rel.manual recipe.

You can modify the card size by modifying the CSS in your configuration like:

"global_css": ".prodigy-container { max-width: 950px; }"

There are also other options (e.g., change font size) in the docs to modify the UI space.

Hope this helps!

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