blurry text in rel interface

Hey team

I have a custom recipe with a relations interface (inside a blocks interface). Some of my users/annotators report low quality of the words in the view (see attached snapshot). Others and I didn't experience this.

They have some varying environment but basically they all use Windows10 and chrome and their screen resolution is 1920X1080 (I have no clue what can cause this so I asked them for as much information as possible regarding their environment).

The only idea I have is maybe regarding the font? but I don't know what can go wrong there or how to check it.

Any idea would be appreciated.
Thanks a lot!

Hi! Thanks for the report – I also haven't seen this before, but I suspect this might be related to how the <canvas> element is scaled relative to the resolution (which might have some subtle differences across browsers, operating systems and displays). I'll see if we can reproduce this on a similar machine and work around this by adding some checks to the calculation.

In the meantime, you could try and use a different and more standard font (e.g. Arial) – this probably won't fix it, but some fonts can appear blurrier than others so a different font can improve readability. The interface will use the font that's defined as fontPrimary in the theme:

P.S.: This is a cool looking custom interface! :blush:

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