couldn't save annotations

I’m using prodigy to annotate some text for named-entity recognition.

It is working fine for the start but later on after 4-5 text annotations get the error “ Couldn’t Save Annotations.Make Sure the server is running correctly.” and no annotations are being saved to database. And no errors can be found anywhere.

Spacy model in use en_core_web_lg

H/W Specs - 4 Core CPU/24GBs RAM

Prodigy - 1.9.9-cp36.cp37.cp38-cp36m.cp37m.cp38 for linux

Have started with initially 8GB but there were allocation error so eventually upgraded to 24GB.

Hi! That error in the app means that there was an error on the server. So if you look at the terminal, you should see the error message and traceback, which should hopefully help with figuring out what went wrong.

If there's no error message, what's the state in the terminal? Is the server still running, or did it exit? If it's still running, do you see a traceback when you exit the server? And if you set PRODIGY_LOGGING=basic, is there anything in the logs that look suspicious before the error occurs?