Error when saving annotations

I am running a spancat annotation session on a virtual machine. I can annotate and save just fine for a while, but after annotating maybe 5 or 6 samples, when I click the save icon, I will occasionally get a "Error Couldn't Save Annotations. Make Sure Server is Running correctly" error.

After looking around on the forums, I've tried things like switching to instant_submit in the config file. It is still happening - with a 400 Bad Request on the /give_answers endpoint and the detail says: "There was an error parsing the body".

Please let me know if you need more information or if you have any ideas on how to resolve this!

Welcome to the forum @jamesjflan!

A few questions to understand a bit more about your setup:

  1. Do you run a built-in recipe or a custom one?
  2. Are there multiple annotators using the same server?

Could you try to recreate the workflow locally and see if the same error comes up?


It's the built-in spans.correct recipe. It does not happen when running locally and it actually only happens when another annotator is doing the annotation on another computer (I can't recreate the error on the VM when I am annotating), but we don't both annotate/save at the same time. We are both using Chrome and everything else is seemingly the same.

We are still getting stuck on this error. The detail from the 400 error returned by Prodigy when we try to save is: "There was an error parsing the body". Would love to see if anyone else has had this issue and how they resolved it!

Hi James,

Sorry you're having trouble with this. I'm not immediately sure what the problem could be, are you available for a call? If so, are any times here good? Calendly

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Thank you - just booked a call on Thursday!