Conda installation advice

Just in case it’s useful for others installing in a similar setup I thought I’d share this.

Running on Arch linux with conda, I created an environment with Python 3.7 and Spacy, but then ran into a problem during the pip install with error messages mentioning g++ and gcc (for mmh3 and regex).

It seems to have been a similar to the issues mentioned here: Installation error: gcc command not found

I tried a few things and got to a solution after a minor diversion. Luckily as I needed to install it on two of my computers I could get it working on one and then try the minimal steps on the other to confirm what was needed (one thing to note is I also installed ipython below, but am pretty sure that could be dropped if not wanted)

To install I found all I needed to do was:

conda create -n prodigy python=3.7 ipython spacy gxx_linux-64
conda activate prodigy
pip install prodigy-1.6.1-cp35.cp36.cp37-cp35m.cp36m.cp37m-linux_x86_64.whl

Unlike in the linked post above I didn’t need to use source activate root.

Hope that helps someone! Now am looking forward to using Prodigy :smile:

Hi, thanks so much for sharing this! :pray: