Persistent no module named prodigy


I have installed prodigy but get the “No module named prodigy” error on trying to create my first dataset. The “python -m” prefix does not work and returns the same error. I’m running windows 10, conda 4.4.11 with python 3.6.3. I see that I have .pyd versions for both python 3.5 and 3.6 though all are for amd64 which is correct. Both spacy and prodigy installed via pip (not pip3).

I’m not sure if this is related but I had to manually set the environment variable path for python.exe in order to download the language model for spacy. before that I was getting “no command named python” or something to that effect.

Also unsure if it’s related - the installation process doesn’t describe using the license key - have I missed something?

Any suggestions would be great.



I think the pip command you installed spaCy and Prodigy with is likely referring to a different installation from the one your python.exe is referring to. This is a really common annoyance — it still happens to me a lot! I think this is true of all Python developers, unfortunately.

Try comparing the following:

pip --version
python -c "import pip; print(pip.__file__)"

If they show different paths, you know that’s definitely what’s gone wrong. It’s possible you didn’t “activate” your environment correctly? It’s also possible that your execution paths aren’t correct. I find conda particularly pernicious in this respect — I still don’t really understand its behaviour. It seems if you don’t let it insert itself at the beginning of your execution path, it really doesn’t work at all.


Thanks, your comments led to adding this to my system environment variables: C:\Users\User\Anaconda3 and error went away.


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