2 separate text classification blocks in the same recipy (one single choice, the other multi-choice)


I'd like to have a NER block and 2 separate text classification blocks in the same recipy. One would be with mutually exclusive labels (e.g. GOOD, NEUTRAL, BAD) and a second one with multiple choice to flag examples with problem (e.g. formatting_issue, scrubbing_issue, not_english) etc.

I am not sure I understood correctly but I think that it's not possible to have two text classification blocks?

Thank you in advance,


Hi @marcoB,

You're right. It is not possible to define to different choice view_ids in blocks.
There's a reason to this constraint, though. In most cases, doing one annotation layer at a time results in better quality annotations.

Let me quote Matt on this point:

We would pretty much always recommend doing the NER and text classification annotations separately. Doing smaller units of work in each annotation pass allows you to more easily maintain inter-annotator consistency, as you can judge the work separately, and the annotators only have to think about a smaller annotation scheme at once.

Keeping the annotation scheme smaller for each pass also minimises the number of clicks per annotation, so even though the same text needs to be visited multiple times, it's usually faster to do the annotations in multiple passes, one per annotation type, rather than doing the annotations together.

As a workaround you could re-implement one of the classification blocks as HTML view_id, but redefining your annotation project in phases is probably a more optimal path.