Is it possible to use multi text classifications (choice view) on multiple passages of a text (via highlighting or similiar)

We are doing text classification where a text can be assigned multiple labels at once (=the "choice" view_id). Is it also possible to assign labels to passages of a given text, similiar to your NER highlighting?

From the other posts similiar to this topic I understood that this is only possible with text classification where only one label is shown at a time (=the "classification" view_id); is that correct?

Hi! If you just want to highlight a segment in a given text based on its start and end offset, you can also do that within a choice task. Just provide a "text", a list of "spans" and a list of "options". A span doesn't need a label btw, so you can also just highlight a span of text and not display a label next to it. For example, this will highlight "This is a passsage." so it's clear you're collecting annotations about that part of the text:

    "text": "This is a text. This is a passage."
    "spans": [{"start": 16, "end": 34}],
    "options": [
        {"id": "a", "text": "LABEL A"},
        {"id": "b", "text": "LABEL B"}

If you're doing text classification, you typically have some logic you use to extract the passages you're making predictions over (sentences, subclauses etc), so you can use that to create the "spans" for you. You could even stream in the same text multiple times with different passages highlighted.