Way to make swipe gestures work on whole page?

I tried the live demo now (it’s great!) but noticed that the swipe gestures seem to only work within the box where the text is, and not on the whole page.

Is there a way to make it work on the whole page, as ideally I wouldn’t want to swipe over the part of the screen I’m trying to read moments later.

I’m testing on Chrome on Android (8.1.0)

Thanks for the feedback, this makes sense and we can definitely make that happen for a future release. However, it’d probably still have to be constrained to the “annotation area” to not interfere with the other controls, like the buttons, sidebar etc. In theory, those are different gestures – but it’s still fairly easy to misclick or misswipe.

(Btw, do you find the swiping useful in general, or more convenient than using the buttons? I’ve been wondering if the feature is something people actually care about or whether it’s mostly a gimmick. We initially implemented it to get the easy of use across – and as a subtle reference to similar card-based implementations like Tinder, where the UX is also tightly coupled to the efficiency of the interaction.)