Swipe direction is reversed from my intuition (right is match!)

This will let you swipe left for ACCEPT and swipe right for REJECT.

UI was quite confusing for me
If tinder has taught me any pattern over the years it's that it's right for match and left for Nope :slightly_smiling_face:

Or at least maybe some kind of css animation that shows "accept" or "reject" about to be validated with some overlay

Ha, good point and it this was in fact the inspiration for that UI pattern :wink:

I think we ended up reversing the order later on to make it correspond better to the order of the buttons – if "reject" is on the right, it felt weird to swipe right to accept. But now that Prodigy supports reordering and changing the buttons displayed at the bottom, we should just add an option that lets you map the swipe gestures to actions, so you could set {"left": "reject", "right": "accept"} and "buttons": ["reject", "ignore", "accept"]. I'll add this to my list of enhancements!

When you swipe, it should also briefly show the outline around the annotation card in green/red, depending on the decision.

I think I saw that but I think it coincides with the action, it's then possible to undo. Maybe some shade on the card a little before the swipe is complete ? (I'm not sure any of that is doable on mobile)

Update: Just released v1.10.5, which introduces a swipe_gestures setting that you can use to customise or selectively enable/disable the swipe gestures:

"swipe_gestures": { "left": "accept", "right": "reject" }