Page through cards in UI or open browser with html text


I have a scenario where I have 7 documents with text that need to be ranked. I'm wondering what the best way to display this in the UI might be, and I'm wondering if there is a way to page through cards containing the text, as the text may be equivalent to 1+ paragraph(s). Is it possible to create titled cards that you page through with a scrolling mechanism?

Or perhaps links to an html site that is opened in a new tab in the annotator's browser?

Thank you!

I have used text boxes with scrolling and a drop-down ranking system for each. Works for now, but looking for something more elegant if anyone has come up with a better design.

Hi @cheyanneb - glad you found a reasonable solution! It sounds like you're keen to have a slightly nicer UI so that its easier to rank text in your documents. This solution to a previous support forum issue on ranking texts in Prodigy might be helpful. I'm not sure how much more elegant it would be given your text can be longer but could be worth experimenting with.