Using Prodigy to Rank Classifications


I have texts which have been pre-classified with any number of labels, each of which has some yet-to-be-determined relevancy to the text. It's a ranking task, although ties are allowed. But because it's a ranking task, the labels aren't independent, meaning I can't display them one-at-a-time and have the ranks be the annotation categories.

How can I use Prodigy to do this kind of annotation?


hi @dmnapolitano!

Thanks for your great question and welcome to the Prodigy community :wave:

Ines mentioned two suggestions for creating a custom interface for ranking with HTML and a little JavaScript.

Does this sound like it would fit your use case?

Hi @ryanwesslen , thanks for the quick response!

Something like that could work! There are some interesting ideas in that post...hmmm... :thinking:

Thanks again!