Using Prodigy commands on Windows

I installed prodigy in Windows and can anybody help me in steps to opening local host interface to do NER tagging. Please help me on the steps mentioned in this link and how to implement using windows commands

I got the solution for my question. Prefixing with python -m in Windows solved my issue.

Thanks for updating with your solution – glad you got it working! :blush: And sorry about the late reply – it wasn’t immediately clear from your question what the problem was, so I thought you were looking for more general instructions.

I created a custom activation script that I run. Just pop this code in a ps1 file and run it (assumes virtual environment root directory).

Function global:pdgy { python -m prodigy $args}
Function global:prodigy { python -m prodigy $args}
Function global:spacy { python -m spacy $args}


@farlee2121 Thanks for sharing, this is really cool! Do you mind if we add it to the docs?

Go for it! I’m happy to contribute to this awesome tool

It’s worth noting that the cmdlet definitions could as easily be added to your powershell profile, if you don’t want to work out of a virtual environment.

More about profiles here for the unacquainted

@dshefman Thanks, I didn't know this was a thing. Will add this to the docs :+1:

Hello @ines Please disregard my recommendation. It turns out that doskey doesn't work as expected.

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