Unsupported upgrade request.

I have recently upgraded my prodigy licence from the previous version 1.10(spaCy v2) to the latest version using spaCy v3. When launching my script for text categorisation I am receiving an error when loading the web interface which gives me:

Unsupported upgrade request.

What am I missing?

✨  Starting the web server at ...
Open the app in your browser and start annotating!

INFO:     Started server process [3861953]
INFO:     Waiting for application startup.
INFO:     Application startup complete.
INFO:     Uvicorn running on (Press CTRL+C to quit)
WARNING:  Unsupported upgrade request.

Hi! I've never seen this one before but after some googling, it looks like this is related to uvicorn (the ASGI server library we use). See here:

According to this comment, it's resolved by uninstalling and re-installing uvicorn, so could you try that and see if it helps?

Thanks! The fix worked.

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