KeyError: ''

I have installed the latest version from spacy and prodigy. I run the command:

python3 -m prodigy stats -l

and get the response

    del _uvicorn_log_config["loggers"][""]
KeyError: ''

I had this error after I updated to the latest spacy. The version of prodigy does not appear to have an effect.
Anny suggestions welcome


Hi! It looks like you're running into this problem, which is related to uvicorn, one of Prodigy's dependencies:

Downgrading uvicorn as described should help. Alternatively, upgrading Prodigy will also fix this because it won't include this line anymore.

Hi Ines,

thanks, updating did the trick (as expected). Apparently I had not updated the prodigy version.
Anyway, problem solved

Hi @ines

I've got prodigy v 1.9.1 and uvicorn >= 0.11.8 and am getting the same error message.

What's the correct version of uvicorn?

Many thanks


Hi Anna,

I believe they fixed the problem in the last version. If that's not the case, just do a "pip install uvicorn=0.11.5" It solved the problem for me



Many thanks. That's done it :slight_smile:

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