Unable to install on macOS 12.1

Unable to install Prodigy on mac OS 12.1

Hi! Can you provide some more details on what the problem is and whether you're seeing an error?

It looks like the installation worked but it can't seem to find the prodigy command. Can you try running python -m prodigy? If that still doesn't work, this indicates that Prodigy isn't actually installed in the environment.

I tried running the same but dint workout even

Do we need any other version? Which is not listed here?

Maybe installing it via *.whl will just select the first file in the folder, which is not what you want. Have you tried installing it by pointing pip to the directory containing the wheels, as described here? https://prodi.gy/docs/install#wheel

pip install prodigy -f /path/to/wheels

Thanks, it's working. Do we need Tensorboard installation as it shows in the warning & what will be the minimum space version?

No, Prodigy doesn't need Tensorboard. If you see a warning, that's probably related to something else you have installed in the environment.