Terminate the tasks in Terminal

New to Prodigy, how do we terminate the tasks and reopen the saved tasks? Should we directly close the terminal and reopen? Or click “save” on web application and close the terminal?

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Hi and sorry if this was unclear! The steps should be:

  1. Click “Save” in the web app to make sure everything is saved.
  2. Press ctrl + c in the terminal to exit the Prodigy server.

Prodigy should then show a message that the annotations have been saved to the dataset.

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this still valid?

Even after saving in the web app, closing the web app, then hitting ctrl + C my terminal still shows the following message. (ctrl + c was working for me previously, but now its not working...any alternatives would be helpful!)

Yes, the ctrl+c shortcut isn't specific to Prodigy, it's just how you typically stop a process running in the terminal. Maybe something changed on your machine? Are you using a different shell or terminal app, or a different operating system? If nothing changed, maybe something got stuck – in that case, try killing the process more aggressively (see here) and maybe restart your terminal.

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Thanks for the information. For some reason none of those commands are working either.

However, I did find a solution. The following seems to do what ctrl+c is supposed to do.