question about killing the server

Maybe it sounds like a silly question but I would like to know if there is any terminal command to stop the server or if killing it with ubuntu kill command does not harm to the data done up to then.

hi @ginixsan!

Thanks for your question and welcome to the Prodigy community :wave:

We recommend CTRL + C as a terminal command to stop your Prodigy server. This is like you'd find for almost any running server.

I don't think it would do anything different than using CTRL + C. What's important is to remember that Prodigy's annotations are sent and saved in batches. By default the batch_size is set to 10. After you complete a batch, you'll automatically save your annotations to the database. What's important though is that if you kill your server (either through the terminal command or kill) any annotations that haven't been saved to your database will be lost. You can also hit the save button in the top-left corner or press COMMAND+S (on Mac) or CTRL+S to clear your outbox and manually save.

Not sure if you're interested, but other users have looked for ways to automate ending their server like this:

Hope this helps!

Thank you very much @ryanwesslen. Yes, actually I was programming a python script and wanted to include killing the server from within without loosing data.