Stop Prodigy Server

Noob question: If I check the stats with “prodigy stats -ls” the console shows six sessions. How do I shut them down? Thanks.

Ahh, I only just realised that the terminology we choose here is kinda misleading. Sorry about that!

What Prodigy refers to as a “session” is the record of a single annotation session that happened at some point in the past, not one that’s currently running. A session = user starts Prodigy, user annotates, user exits. By default, you only run one session at a time and as soon as you exit in your terminal, the session is stopped.

Regular datasets can include annotations from multiple sessions and sources. A session dataset gives you more fine-grained control over the individual annotations. For example, you can view all annotations you collected in the latest session or last week, or choose to exclude specific sessions from your dataset (if you’ve made a mistake, used the wrong data or recipe etc).

Thanks! It was “Prodigy Server Session” that tripped me up. Assumed a similarity to Jupyter Server.

Ah yes, I’ll definitely try to remember that and only refer to them as “session datasets” wherever possible. That should hopefully make it less confusing!