How do we inspect dataset sessions?

I can list the sessions by:

prodigy stats DATASET_NAME -ls

And then drop the session by:

prodigy drop SESSION_ID

But how do we inspect the individual sessions? I’d like to see ACCEPT / REJECT counts, inspect individual labels, etc.

There was a case where we think one annotator did a REJECT on all of their samples and we’d like to investigate.


A session is really just a “special” dataset and its name is the session ID – so you can use Prodigy’s regular database commands to export or output the annotations. For example:

prodigy db-out SESSION_ID | less
prodigy db-out SESSION_ID > session.jsonl

You can also use the print recipes to get nicely formatted command line output:

prodigy ner.print-dataset SESSION_ID | less -R
prodigy textcat.print-dataset SESSION_ID | less -R

(We’re hoping to improve some of the dataset and session handling as part of the corpus management update. I’ve also been thinking about writing a little recipe that makes it easier to navigate the individual sessions. They’re all timestamped, so it won’t be difficult to group them together by year, month, week, day etc.)

Oh thanks. I should’ve tried that first :slight_smile:

Also is there a way to only show sessions from one dataset?