multiuser sessions

I just saw the prodigy1.7 update. It’s really great for multiuser annotations. :slight_smile:
I wanted to know that is there any way to separate out the data from each user session.

Yes, each user session will be created as a session dataset (just like the timestamp session datasets). So if your dataset name is ner_annotations and your session is akshita, the session dataset created in the database will be ner_annotations-akshita. You can then use that dataset name for training or export it using db-out.

Oh! That’s great. And does it store all the session names?
In case I am not sure of the sessions that were started in between?

I’m not 100% sure I understand your question correctly. If you access Prodigy with the identifier /?session=akshita, those annotations will be added to the regular dataset, e.g. ner_annotations, and the session dataset ner_annotations-akshita. If you access Prodigy again with the same session name later, your annotations will be assigned to the same session again. If someone else accesses Prodigy with a different session, their annotations will also be added to the main dataset and their session dataset as well. So in the end, you might have one main dataset ner_annotations that bundles all annotations, and separate session datasets that only contain the annotations of the named sessions. For example, ner_annotations-akshita, ner_annotations-alex, and so on.

To see an overview of all available sessions, you can run prodigy stats -ls.

If you check out your PRODIGY_README.html, there’s also a section on the named multi-user sessions with an example of this.

That answered my question. Thanks a lot.
I was basically looking for the session datasets, which I think can be fetched using ‘db.sessions’.
And this update is great!!! A solution to so many problems. :smile:

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