multi -session annotation


I'm running a ner.manual with a multi session annotation and feed_overlap = True so that i can get multiple annotations for one example. but when i exported the jsonl file i find only one session _session_id":"ner_sample-jim" and one annotation. Can u help please

Hi! How did you access the app, and how many different sessions did you run with the ?session= query variable for all annotation sessions? If you only see one annotation, maybe jim saved after one example and the other session(s) didn't?

Yes I run it with ?session=jim and ?session=tom so jim annotated all the data until there is no task available and clicked save. Tom did the same thing clicked save then exported the dataset. This is the normal way to do it i guess Am I wrong ?

Yes, that all sounds correct. If saving the examples succeeded, those examples should all be in the database under the given dataset. How did you export the examples? And are you sure it's the right dataset name?

It seems I exported the right dataset. I'll need to double check that. I'll let you if it solves my problem

Okay, cool! If the annotations were saved and the app reported that saving was successful, they're definitely somewhere. Another thing to check would be the database location: by default, it's created your Prodigy home directory, and it's created if it doesn't exist. If you're running Prodigy from different user accounts on the same server, you may end up with two databases in the respective user directories.