Reinstallation of beta?

Hi Ines & Matthew,

First of, thanks for providing a really cool product. I’ve just started using Prodigy, and it’s exactly what I’ve been looking for to help me with NER at my job. Keep up the good work!

I’m getting a new work computer next week, and I read somewhere during the installation that the install file is for ONE install only. My question is this: will I have to apply again to be part of the beta testing team to get a new installation wheel, or will I be able to re-use the same one I installed on my current system? I should emphasise that once I have prodigy installed on my new machine the old one will have its harddisk wiped and be handed back to my employer, so this is not a bad attempt at getting my hands on more than one install. I can provide you with the activation code of my current install in case you want to inactivate it or something like that when you send me the new one (not sure if that’s how it works, but if it is then that would be completely fine with me).

Thanks again.

This is absolutely no problem – but thanks for asking! Maybe the beta terms weren’t phrased perfectly in this respect. The “installing Prodigy on one machine” part was mostly referring to the number of machines Prodigy can be installed on at the same time.

So basically, a licensing model similar to most other downloadable software like IDEs and design tools. You can install and use it on your computer, and if you get a new one, you uninstall it on the old one and reinstall it on the new one :blush:

Btw, just in case others come across this topic later: If you signed up for the beta and put your company name as the licensee, we’re generally fine with you sharing it with a limited number of others on your team if you shoot us a quick email and let us know. When we send out the beta invites, we also try to group people from the same companies together to make sure everyone on the team can start using Prodigy at the same time.

Once v1.0 is released, you’ll be able to choose between a personal license (for individuals like freelancers), or a pack of company licenses with seats for everyone on your team.

Grand! Thanks for the rapid reply Ines :slight_smile: