Re-downloading Prodigy after purchase

How can I install if I cancelled the download after purchase?

how can I get to the download screen again? I purchased the software for a team member and haven’t downloaded it for myself. Is there a link I can give him with the license #?

Hi @marissab! When you order Prodigy, you should also receive two emails (the transaction receipt and the download link), sent to the email address specified at checkout. The download link will let you re-download Prodigy at any time.

Since the emails are automated, it can sometimes happen that they’re mistakenly caught by corporate firewalls or spam filters. So if you didn’t receive yours, you can email us at and we’re happy to send them out again :blush:

Edit: Quick update with the solution, in case others come across this topic later. All Prodigy orders are processed by SendOwl and their emails are sent from So if your firewall or spam filter ends up blocking our emails, whitelisting this address may help!

Hi Ines. I bought prodigy today. I received the email with the purchase receipt but not the one with the link. What should I do? Thank you!

@rogeriobromfman Could you send us an email to with your order number? We can then re-send you the download link email :slightly_smiling_face: (Also double-check your spam folder, just to make sure it wasn’t mistakenly labelled as spam because it contained a link!)

Thank you. It’s not in the spam folder.

The download link says that there are 0 downloads remaining.
How will I be able to increase the download limit ?

If you email us at and include the order ID or license key, we can reset the download limit.

Edit: We just released a new version and have reset the download limits for everyone :blush: