Purchased Personal License

Hi. I purchased a personal license this morning but believe I may have mistyped my email address. How do I get this corrected as I did not receive a log in password as a result.

Hi! That's no problem, we can just update that in our system and re-send the confirmation email :slightly_smiling_face: Could you send us an email to contact@explosion.ai?

Perfect. Thanks. I just sent an email as suggested. Derrick

Still waiting for a new email.

The link provided is not working.

You should probably wait up to 24 hours for a product download link (as least that how I receive my product) to be re-sent. The link your using are probably for the forum email confirmation. If the link your using was recently sent by the support, you should re-request for a product download link.

Thanks. I'll give it 24 hours.

Hi @Derrick_Koenig, you should have received an email from Walter and he also updated your email address :slightly_smiling_face: (We're on European time, so when you sent your first email, it was already after our office hours. And then you followed up several times in the middle of the night, so we only got around to answering now.)

The forum is completely separate btw and not linked to the online store, and we're not syncing any data scross. So your account on here is not going to impact your Prodigy downloads.