Prodigy Update under company pack

Hello all, I am currently using v1.10. However, my current task needs spans.manual which is not supported in v1.10. So how can I update the prodigy to the latest version (it would be great if you can tell me the command)?

Moreover, I am using prodigy under the company pack, and I am not the person who purchased prodigy. Will this matter for updating (like first sending an email to get the latest software, then installing it locally as before)? Looking forward to your reply.

Hi! If the 12 months of upgrades included with your order are still active, you should be able to download the latest wheels via your personal download link, or use pip install with your license key to install the latest version from our PyPi server:

If the upgrades included with your order have expired, you can purchase an upgrade extension to add 12 more months of upgrades. To order via our online store, click the "Already have a company pack?" link on this page: Alternatively, you can also email us at with a purchase order :slight_smile:

It doesn't matter whether you're the person who originally purchased Prodigy – you'd just need access to the download link and/or one of the license keys of your company pack. If you don't have access to the order anymore, you can email us at and include the details of your order (order ID starting with #EX... or email used to purchase Prodigy). We can then look it up in our system for you.

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Many thanks for your info. It's solved with the command pip install prodigy -f, where XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX is our COMPANY LICENSE.

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