Prodigy.json custom changes

I am trying to create custom config via prodigy.json.
For example in relation receipe i want to have spans tab as my default. How can i do that ?
Plus, where can i see prodigy.json file with all the possible options to play around with. In documentation, i have see options available by receipes but is there a way i can find all the params that can be customized at one place. My prodigy.json is empty which means it uses default values . So i want to overwrite that with different options.

hi @monWork!

Thanks for your question and welcome to the Prodigy Community :wave:

Yep! Have you seen the Config page in the Install Docs?

Here's just the first 5 of the 40 global options:

Setting Description Default
theme Name of UI theme to use. basic
custom_theme Custom UI theme overrides, keyed by name. {}
buttons NEW: 1.10 Buttons to show at the bottom of the screen in order. If an answer button is disabled, the user will be unable to submit this answer and the keyboard shortcut will be disabled as well. Only the undo action will stay available via keyboard shortcut or click on the sidebar history. [accept, reject, ignore, undo]
batch_size Number of tasks to return to and receive back from the web app at once. A low batch size means more frequent updates. 10
history_size NEW: 1.10 Maximum number of examples to show in the sidebar history. Defaults to the value of batch_size. Note that the history size can’t be larger than the batch size. 10

What do you mean by the "spans tab" for the relation recipe?

There is a Docs page that outlines for all annotation interfaces the configurable options, like for relations which are:

Name Description Default
relations_span_labels Optional list of span labels to assign during annotation. If set, an additonal span highlighting mode is added. None
wrap_relations Wrap text across multiple lines instead of displaying all tokens in one line with scrollbar. Will be used as the default value for the checkbox. False
show_relations_labels Show all labels for spans, instead of only on hover. Will be used as the default value for the checkbox. True
hide_relations_arrow Hide the arrow head. Relations will still be added as head and child, but if the distinction and directionality doesn’t matter to you, you can ignore it and hide the arrows. False
label_style NEW: 1.10.5 Style of label set. list for list of keyboard-accessible buttons or dropdown. Previously available as ner_manual_label_style. list

FYI, I recommend looking through some of the Prodigy support posts on setting config / overrides. You will likely find some great tips on how to appropriately set config / overrides.

Let us know if you have any further questions!