Custom relation recipe

Essentially I'm trying to use an NER model to annotate and generate spans and included simple logic to generate relations, the final output of the recipe is the following:

{  "text": "I like cute cats", 

  "tokens": [ 

    {"text": "I", "start": 0, "end": 1, "id": 0}, 

    {"text": "like", "start": 2, "end": 6, "id": 1}, 

    {"text": "cute", "start": 7, "end": 11, "id": 2}, 

    {"text": "cats", "start": 12, "end": 16, "id": 3}  ], 



   "head": 8,   "head_span": {"start": 38, "end": 41, "token_start": 8, "token_end": 8, "label": null}, 

   "child": 0,   "child_span": {"start": 0, "end": 5, "token_start": 0, "token_end": 0, "label": "PERSON"}, 

   "label": "COREF", 



but once I start the server the UI gives me an oops something went wrong message and console says the following:

Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 403 (Forbidden)
bundle.js:1 Uncaught (in promise) Error: [object Object]
    at bundle.js:1
    at bundle.js:1
    at dispatch (bundle.js:1)
    at bundle.js:1

Hi! The fact that the error from the server is 403 (Forbidden) might indicate that something is wrong with the permissions/access of the web server and not Prodigy directly. Did you previously run the Prodigy server successfuly and if so, did you change anything recently? Are you using a different port or are you serving Prodigy behind a reverse proxy?

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