Prodigy installation on RHEL


I am installing Prodigy on RHEL v6.5 But pip is informing that the wheel is not supported. RHEL_install

Anyone has faced a similar problem?

Hi! Did you rename the wheel file for your platform as described here? And if so, what did distutils.util.get_platform() output?

About the “is not a supported wheel on this platform” error: Double-check
that you’ve downloaded the correct wheel and make sure your version of pip is
up to date. If it still doesn’t work, check if the file name matches your
platform (distutils.util.get_platform()) and rename the file if necessary.
For more details, see this article on Python wheels. Essentially,
Python wheels are only archives containing the source files – so you can
also just unpack the wheel and place the contained prodigy package in
your site-packages directory.

I am trying to install the linux wheel - prodigy-1.5.1-cp35.cp36-cp35m.cp36m-linux_x86_64.whl

The output I get from the distutil command - linux-x86_64unsupported%20Wheel

Also I am using the latest pip version

Hi Aakash,

You probably need to write pip3 when you install. I suspect the pip you’re running refers to the system’s Python2 installation.

Alternatively, if you make a virtualenv you can install it within that:

python3 -m venv .env
source .env/bin/activate
pip install ~/prodigy-1.5.1-cp35.cp36-cp35m.cp36m-linux_x86_64.whl

This should give you a working Prodigy installation.

No, the options don’t work.

I am going through the other support chats, you have mentioned Ubuntu in a lot of your documentation. Have you tested the wheel on a RHEL installation?

Could you paste the result of:

python --version
which pip

As the wheelfile notes, supported versions are Python 3.5 and Python 3.6

pip is the latest

python is 3.7. Do you think I should use a separate environment with Py=3.6/3.5?

Yes, that should work! :+1:

Thank you for keeping this thread open. It is itself a valuable handbook for maintaining a clean Python/spaCy/Prodigy environment.

I lost Prodigy after some careless installs of Python/Pip, so I wiped the entire Python environment (including spaCy/Prodigy) and rebuilt from scratch. Per the attached log, I can launch Prodigy but it fails in attempting to access 'prodigy.util'. This is a Windows problem, most likely due to my 'manual' (non-.whl) install of Prodigy. I've used every post in this thread to create the attached log. Tell me if I can supply anything further.

Thanks for help. (We're on-boarding new devs and will be purchasing additional licenses shortly.)

Prodigy_Install_Problem_Log.html (4.1 KB)

Ah, the wheel is currently only built for Python 3.6 to 3.8 and it looks like you're running Python 3.9? For the next release, we will have a pre-built wheel for 3.9 available as well – the main thing that was holding this back is that we first had to wait for all our other dependencies (including third-party packages) to support Python 3.9.

In the meantime, creating a new virtual environment for Python 3.8 should work. (If you're not using it already, I can recommend pyenv, which makes it easy to switch between multiple Python versions!)

Will do a pyenv for Python 3.8 for the interim.
Thank you kindly once again for this speedy turnaround!