Prodigy Coref Modification

Hi. I want to use the Prodigy v1.10 for the task of coreference resolution. Almost all the features we want are inbuilt in the released version. However, there are some modifications that we want to do with the UI. Once we get the subscription for Prodigy, will it be possible to play around and modify the existing UI?
I see that there is an option to create custom HTML pages ( but we want to build some modifications over the existing coref UI. Please let me know if it is possible.

Thank you.

Hi! Can you share a bit more about the types of modifications that you want/need?

The relations UI uses <canvas> under the hood, so you couldn't directly manipulate it with JS/CSS the way you would manipulate a purely text-based interface. But Prodigy does support custom JavaScript and combining multiple interfaces into a single interface. See here for examples:

Just to clarify, Prodigy is not sold on a subscription basis :slightly_smiling_face: The licenses you purchase for a one-time fee are lifetime licenses and include 12 months of free upgrades.