Question and Answer Tutorial


I wanted to use prodigy for a question and answer task (open questions) like in squad.
Actually, I could't find tutorials to see it can be done (if it's possible!).
Ideally I will have a paragraph like:
This forum is the official place discuss Prodigy, our annotation tool for efficient machine teaching. Feel free to ask questions, report bugs, or share your results and custom recipes.

Question: What is this forum for ?
Answer: the official place to discuss Prodigy.

Thank you in advance,

Hi! Just to make sure I understand the question and use case correctly: What exactly do you need the annotators to create? Do you need them to type in free-form input? And do you typically expect that there's always one (or several) spans in the text that directly correspond to the answer?

Hello, thank you for your quick reply.
Yes exactly I need them to type in free form input, the answer can be one or many it's not an issue (if it's possible many because it gives me more options).
Thank you.

Thanks for the clarification! Prodigy is very centered around collecting training data for machine learning models, which should typically be as structured as possible. So wherever possible, it tries to discourage you from collecting free-form input (which is often difficult to evaluate and compare).

However, there are always exceptions to that rule and Prodigy does support fully custom templates with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. So you could add one with input fields that then update the current task with whatever the user has typed into the field. This should be fairly straightforward to build. You can find examples and more details here:

You could also experiment with a combination where you let the annotators highlight spans in the text and ask for additional information. But that depends on the specifics of your task.