prodigy as a linux daemon?

Hello, could someone guide me to setup prodigy as a daemon?
I'm new to python scripts and haven't a bit of noise with enviroments and how to make prodigy work easy as a daemon


Hi! Could you elaborate a little on what exactly it is you want to accomplish?

I want to have prodigy always available to work
is daemon or also as linux service


Hi! I'm not sure running it like this makes sense, because you typically want to start up Prodigy and the web server when you need it, using a given workflow and its arguments (e.g. the data you want to label, the label scheme and so on). When you're done annotating, you can stop the server, run a training experiment, restart the server with different settings, and so on.

So it's usually not a single process you want to run indefinitely in the background. That said, it often makes sense to run Prodigy under tmux, especially if you're on a remote machine.