OSError: No connection adapters were found

Trying to install prodigy from downloaded wheel file using:
pip install prodigy -f /path/to/file

Encountered this error:
ERROR: Could not install packages due to an OSError: No connection adapters were found for /path/to/file

Just wondering if there's any way to investigate what's causing this?


Hi! The /path/to/file (or /path/to/wheels as it's shown in the docs) is intended as placeholder for the path to the directory of .whl files you've downloaded. So you'll need to replace that with the actual path to the directory on your system. (Right now, the error is basically trying to tell you that the directory isn't valid because it's not an existing path on your machine.)

Thanks for the reply! I did replace that with my path, actually turns out the error was because I had a windows wheel instead of linux :frowning: so swapping the wheel file fixed it

Good to hear you found a solution, thanks for reporting back!