No module named 'thinc.types' error

I have managed to get prodigy up and running in a docker container, but have run into this error when trying to do my first annotation using your sample data:

In my Dockerfile I ran a pip install thinc --pre as suggested in the documentation, and notice that in my jupyter notebook, I have version 7.4.5 of thinc loaded.

Any suggestions on how to move forward?


Hi Mike,

Which version of Prodigy are you working with? It looks like you're using the new version of spacy-transformers, which depends on spaCy v3.

I would try removing the extra pip install statements, for instance remove the pip install thinc --pre, and just install the Prodigy wheel. That should get you set up with the right versions.

Hi Matthew,
Thanks so much for your response! I'm working with version 1.10.6 of Prodigy. I did notice I was pip installing Spacy v3, so that did seem to be the issue. Now getting some port-related issues in booting up Prodigy, but I'll figure these out :smiley: