NO_LABEL while annotating via custom ner.manual recipe (ner_manual view)

I am trying to label for one entity via custom ner.manual recipe, but the label is showing as NO_LABEL. The label is showing correctly on the sidebar.

Any thoughts what may be causing it? I am using prodigy v1.9.3 (latest release).


Are you using a custom recipe? NO_LABEL typically shows up if no list of "labels" were passed in via the config. The label you see in the sidebar is the value of "label" (sorry for the confusing naming here).

So your recipe should return something like this:

return {
    "dataset": dataset,
    "stream": stream,
    "view_id": "ner_manual",
    "config": {"labels": ["BORROWER"]}

Thanks. I found the issue. It was a typo in config labels key. However, that still does not explain why sidebar was able to pick up the label name.

If you typoed "labels" as "label", that would explain why – the "label" in the "config" is what's shown in the sidebar.