ner.make-gold as ner_manual

Dear support,
when I run this command:
prodigy ner.make-gold my_it8 en_core_web_md news_headlines.jsonl -l PRODUCT

in the UI prodigy I see view ID: ner manual

Sorry for the newbie question but I’m bit confused about that, so I cannot save the previous annotation across sessions.

Any suggestions could help, thanks


I hope I understand your question correctly! The “view ID” you see in the web app is the name of the annotation interface used to render the task, not the recipe. For example, the interface ner_manual will render the text with labels and make it editable. The classification interface expects a text or image and a label, and will render the content with a headline. The html interface will expect HTML and render that, and so on.

If you’re writing a custom recipe, you can make it return a 'view_id' value to tell Prodigy which interface to use to render the annotation tasks.

Thanks @ines and the answer is clear and it’s exactly what i mean. I’ve tagged this post as “solved” because I’ve seen the interface and understand the logic behind, but I don’t know how delete a post, if it is possibile? Your clarification is really useful indeed, and I will practice more with custom recipe as well.

Thanks again.

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No worries – I think it’s totally fine to leave the post up and just mark it as solved! If we delete it, other users won’t be able to benefit from it. Maybe someone else will have a similar question in the future and this way, they can find the answer :slightly_smiling_face:

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