License seat


I would like to clarify, I work on a 2-3 workstation at the same time. Do I need to purchase 3 personal licenses or 1 personal license?

I try multiple configurations on the same dataset at the same time with minimum 2 or 3 machines to train models. Please advise.


Yes, this is fine with a single personal license – as long as it’s only you who is operating those workstations and only you have access to the Prodigy app and Python library :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, all are linked with my windows account. Thanks for clarification. One more question, if you don’t mind please.

Prodigy can have centralised database or I must need a local database on the same machine, i.e. locked down to “localhost” postgre or something?

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By default, it uses a local SQLite database, but you can also plug in a remote MySQL or PostgreSQL database, or your own custom implementation.

Under the hood, we use peewee, so everything that works with peewee will work pretty much out-of-the-box. The PRODIGY_README.html that’s included with Prodigy also contains the detailed API docs of the internal Database class and its methods, so you could also implement and add something entirely custom and use a different database.

Cool, ta. Look awesome product. Would be glad to test before use, but I can see the reasons.